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Posted by Mark Brendanawicz Mar 13, Temple. Temple garments contain sacred symbols that have traditionally been stitched into the fabric. So there are two things to learn here.

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By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog. At one time they were made by members from patterns. The marks used to be cut rather than embroidered.

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Fit and given to flattering dresses that hit the knee and cover the shoulder, she has multiple children and Lady Godiva hair. She knows her way around a braid. She is wholesome but not dowdy; her posts are relentlessly positive but never pious.

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Several months ago I shared my experiences on Exponent about feeling suffocated during circle time in Relief Society because of the years of abuse and trauma I suffered in childhood. Now I want to open up about my experience wearing large underwear under my clothes at all times as a requirement for entering the kingdom of heaven and being with my family forever. As somebody whose mental health issues involve a daily struggle with claustrophobia and a pressing need for space, I have a very hard time with Mormon doctrine that says I must wear a full-sized shirt and full-sized shorts on under every outfit that I wear in order to maintain my temple recommend-level worthiness and marriage covenants.

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Sadly, there's not a lot of information out on the internet about this topic. It's crazy there's over 14 million members of the church and no one talking about this important topic. This is one of the reasons I've felt compelled to talk about bras and garments.

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Mormons are lead to believe that the garments have "magical properties" and can save them from bullets, fire and accidents. Many faith-promoting rumors are spread throughout the church about the saving powers of the garments - even though not a single rumor can be proven. Mormons cannot make their own garments - they must be purchased from the Mormon Church.

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Of course, I cannot speak for every Mormon woman. Each of us has a different experience, but here are a few of the experiences which I think unite us. I hope that this make us as a whole a little less mysterious to outsiders, and perhaps even to the Mormon men who think they know us so well.

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Not that Mrs. Romney's underwear was showing. But the fact that it didn't show under her sleek, knee-grazing skirt stirred up debate among some members of the faithful about whether she was or wasn't wearing the "temple garments" required for most adult Mormons.

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Underwear is private, no matter what your faith or non-faith. Well, it used to be, before our society lost its moral compass. But since some people seem to be rude about this, I felt it necessary to share my side of the story.

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With all of this modesty pushed on women from a young age, the Church must be losing their minds over the women on this list. While some have renounced themselves as active members, others are still as devoted as they were when they were a child. Many of the steamy women have commented their thoughts on the Mormon faith, and not all of them are positive.


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